Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Great Christmas Present: The Front Page

We can't let Alan have all the fun on this blog. It is a group blog for the crew of Six Man, Texas, after all. To introduce myself, I'm the assistant editor for the film as well as the website designer; I have also served as a still photographer, videographer, production assistant, and whatever else was needed behind the scenes. And now I can add blog writer to my Six Man, Texas creds.

So, our little documentary that could got a nice Christmas present this morning. We knew that an article about the film would be in the Austin American-Statesman today. What we didn't know was that it would make the front page! Check out the article here.

This morning it was on the front page of the website as well, including a big photo of Alan in front of a Six Man, Texas promotional sign; unfortunately, it's already been supplanted by more important breaking news about Mack Brown's winning record in bowl games. I was hoping to get a screen shot, but it was time to open presents and I didn't get back to this in time. Hopefully I can at least get my hands on a copy of the paper itself.

Anyway, go read the article and let the Statesman know that people are interested in this subject. Merry Christmas!

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