Thursday, December 13, 2007

After SEVEN YEARS of work, this is great to hear. COMMENTS from the Cast & Crew Screening

"SIX-MAN, TEXAS is a poignant and powerful homage to a way of life too often overlooked and too fast disappearing. This is a sparkling gem of a documentary, done with small-town Texas warmth and grace..."
-- Carlton Stowers, author of WHERE DREAMS DIE HARD

"Incredible, out of sight perfect. I never had any idea how fast moving a sport (Six Man is). I'm not a big football fan, but that was great."
-- Thom Vaughn, Austin

"'s got a lot of heart, I loved it. It tells a really important story."
-- Stacey Schoolfield, Producer – "Jumping Off Bridges"

"...very moving, very inspiring. I think it's a great opportunity for those guys to do something for their communities, and it's obviously very important to them"
-- Joe Restau, Austin

"...a good job of depicting what small town life is really like. It's very accurate and sad the way (it is) being lost."
-- Lewis McCarroll, Austin

"...definitely the sense of community (is) what's important about the whole story - we are losing that in America. This is a good example of why it's great and why it's pure and what we need to return to as a society. It made me feel warm inside that people actually care about each other and that a town can rally around one thing, even if it's just football."
-- Greg Cole, Austin

"I love all those little towns and I am a real believer that football is just as important to those guys...a good job of making you care about the team and the school. I really cared about them."
-- Charlotte Hutcheson

" For those whose impression of Texas and Texas football is overly influenced by a certain network television show, Six Man Texas will bring you back to reality."
-- David Barron, Houston Chronicle

"First time out, and you hit a home run..."
-- Teresa Burkett Bourgoise, Los Angeles

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