Saturday, April 19, 2008


OUR WORLD PREMIERE at AFI Dallas was a great experience. Not only did we have two packed screenings (the first one completely sold out) but we were treated wonderfully by everyone in Dallas from the volunteers to the staff to other fans and filmmakers we met. We made some contacts that might be helpful for the film and are starting to follow up on those. We did as much shameless promotion as possible for Six Man, Texas and ended up getting rid of almost all of our posters (100) and postcards (500). We also had a great time throwing out footballs during both Q&As (got rid of 100 of those) and met with a lot of people who drove many miles from surrounding Six Man communities to Dallas just for our premiere. Thanks so much to everyone from Six Man communities who attended. All in all it was a wonderful time!

And I cannot say enough about AFI Dallas, it is well-run and quite professional with very helpful and friendly volunteers. Target and Victory Park have gone out of their way to support a festival whose stature and importance can only grow in the festival community. I believe AFI Dallas will take its place alongside SXSW and Austin Film Festival as the best of Texas.

As I said, we're gushing.......

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